Is Java Here to Stay?

  12/30/15    Posted in IT Consulting Java
Oracle's Java Logo with a coffee cup

Is Java Here to Stay?

In the past few years Java developer jobs have skyrocketed in demand. There are more developers employed now than ever before. This might seem since less than a year ago many experts said that Java would no longer be relevant in a short amount of time. Much of the negative assessment concerning this general-purpose language was spurred on by the purchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle. Sun has been a very successful software firm since its release of the Java language in nineteen ninety-five. Since its release this language has evolved into to one of the most used languages used on the web. But why is Java so popular and why will it continue to be relevant in the coming years?

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The Top 5 Reasons Why .NET Caught On and Still Thrives

  12/23/15    Posted in .NET IT Consulting
The Logo for the Microsoft .NET (dot NET) framework

When Microsoft first announced its .NET platform around the turn of the millennium, it met with plenty of skepticism. Java, then still owned by its creator Sun Microsystems, was already well entrenched in the enterprise space, leaving many to wonder if a company that was becoming best known for holding onto its territory was still capable of new conquests. Read More

How to Get the IT Job You Want

  10/21/15    Posted in IT Consulting Job Search Advice
A job seeker is using an iPAD to look for a new job

If you are interested in entering the IT industry, chances are you are fairly concerned not about if, but how you are going to get a job. The industry is often flooded with people looking for jobs, due to the current intense interest in the field. The good news is that jobs are becoming more diverse and specialized every day, so more opportunities are becoming available. Read More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – What Actually Works?!

  8/24/15    Posted in Business Consulting Digital Marketing
Valintry is a Google Certified Partner that offers Digital Marketing Consulting Services

I have worked with about 15 different SEO professionals throughout my career in Marketing. All of them – every single one – had their own ideas that they believed would “work” to increase my company’s rankings. Most of these ideas were very different. For example, one SEO that worked for me created location specific pages that were virtually identical – another developed thousands of links (most of them outside the US) back to my site. Each one had another “trick” up their sleeve. Some of these techniques worked better than others. Read More

Staffing & Consulting Firm Valintry Named a Best Place to Work

  7/17/15    Posted in News
Orlando Business Journal Valintry Best Places to Work 2015

Orlando Business Journal’s Best Places to Work awards for small-business category highlight Valintry’s?innovative, supportive organizational structure and work environment.

Valintry, a top IT, Finance & Accounting Staffing and Consulting company, was named one of the Orlando Business Journal’s top 5 “Best Places to Work” in the small business category. Drawing on over 8000 anonymous responses to an online survey administered by independent research firm Quantum Workplace, the awards committee looked into 37 different measures of employee engagement, satisfaction, and career development. The youngest business of all to feature in the final list, Valintry beat out thousands of other Central Florida employers with between 10 and 49 employees, compiling an impressive overall performance score of 97.59% that landed it in the top five.

“We’re truly proud of our inverted organizational structure that frees our amazing employees to do great work while the leadership team provides support,” Valintry President Joe Parris stated, “We think the success of this model is evident in the Orlando Business Journal’s best small companies to work for top 5 placement. We’re excited to be recognized as such a great place for talented people to thrive, and are deeply committed to further cultivation, growth and expansion of this unique work environment.”

Established by a team of longtime technology, staffing, and marketing experts in 2013, Valintry has grown at an extraordinary rate of speed on its way to becoming one of the nation’s top finance and IT Staffing firms. With an ever-growing, industry-leading, relevant database of highly qualified candidates and a focus on finding people solutions for the most challenging finance, accounting, and IT Jobs, Valintry has become an invaluable partner for organizations around the country.

The reason for the company’s success has been an innovative organizational structure that focuses on empowering expert employees to best to support Valintry clients. Deeply aware of the problems associated with ridged and frequently inflexible, top-heavy competitors who generally share the staffing and consulting space, the company’s founders insisted on an alternative arrangement that has contributed greatly to its success and rapid growth.

Compiled through the hard work of Orlando Business Journal Research Center Director Denise Hicks, the 2015 Small Business Best Places to Work awards reflect the most intensive study into the employment environment in this important region of the country, Central Florida. As a top Orlando IT Consulting and staffing company, Valintry is proud to be able to offer such a rewarding work environment for area employees.

About Valintry
Leveraging the industry’s most extensive database to offer up the best candidates for the most demanding IT, finance, and accounting openings nationwide, Valintry puts its clients and consultants first, leading to more responsive and effective staff augmentation service that anticipates the evolving needs of customers.

Targeted Advertising Can Transform Your Lead Generation Efforts

  7/16/15    Posted in Business Consulting Digital Marketing
Valintry Search Engine Consulting and Digital Marketing Services can make the phone ring!

The following was originally posted on LinkedIn on 7/16/2015.

Google recently released a study?about how the internet is used to influence B2B purchasing decisions. If you haven’t checked it out and you sell a product or service to other businesses, then you need to stop reading this and go read that. (and then come back!) I’ll wait! Read More

Is Your Business Poised to Take Advantage of Future Technology Trends?

  3/22/15    Posted in Business Consulting IT Consulting

Emerging markets, combined with revolutionary changes in technology, dictate significant changes in marketing strategies become the norm, rather than the exception, in the future. Digitalization does, and will increasingly, guide the direction and scope of change. To garner a better understanding of the forces at play, 75 CIOs from the Dallas / Fort Worth region recently attended a Gartner conference to explore the issues facing IT and operations professionals. Along with the metroplex area CIOs, Valintry’s VP of Business Development for the Southwest, Chris Blair, was also in attendance to stay abreast of what Gartner terms the “Next Digital Nexus.” Read More